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Once you have logged in, you will see a screen that will have your unique affiliate URL.
Your links will look like the below image.

These are the links that you will want to send to all of your leads.

As you can see, we have provided you with 5 links, giving you options for marketing the Fun Escapes product.

You have the choice of directing prospective clients to the:

  • Home Page (This will explaining the entire system)
  • Order Page (This is where they can order the promotion)
  • FAQ Page (This will answer any question with regards to how the promotion works)
  • Advertising & Display Resources (This will showcase all the marketing material you gain when you sign up)
  • Holiday Locations (This will showcase the different destinations available and 2 sample resorts/hotels)

Don’t worry, you will be credited “with the client sale” no matter what page or pages you direct your prospects to, as every link tells us that this business owner came from your referral.

The reason we have provided you with 5 links is because you may wish to send a prospective client straight to the order page if they have already made up their mind.

Whereas on other occasions, you may need to send a prospect to the home page as they do don’t know much about the Fun Escapes Promotion. 


Now that you have your link/s, it’s time to get as many people to click the link/s as possible. 

Never direct people to without your unique identifier at the end of the url.

Otherwise you may lose credit for directing that lead to our website. 

This formula works because when a lead (prospective client) clicks on one of your links, they will be “Cookied”.

From thereon, your lead will be marked as coming from you, so that if they purchase, you will be credited with the sale and given your appropriate commision. 

Thanks for considering being a part of this exciting “customer attraction promotional concept”.

We look forward to working with you. 


We’ve created artwork for an A4 Sales Flyer, so that if you’re speaking with prospects face-to-face, you can leave them with the explanatory brochure.

We realise you’d probably also have your laptop or tablet, showing the biz owner the various webpages.

But nonetheless, some business owners prefer to have a flyer to read.

All you need to do is add your “personal contact details” & “affiliate link” to the website, so that any of your prospects who visit the site can be tracked to you.

And then simply print your desired quantity at a local Instant Printer like Snap or Kwik-Copy.

We believe that you’ll find the selling of this incredible promotion to be “a walk in the park!”

It truly is one of the most amazing & affordable “client-attraction” promotional concepts ever devised.

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